I read Improve Your Online Presence by Catalin Pit. Here's my review.

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What if Catalin Pit sat down next to you and helped you grow your online presence? That's precisely the purpose of his new ebook!

Improve Your Online Presence by Catalin Pit

In this ebook, Catalin Pit shares how he managed to grow its online presence in only six months - from social media to newsletters and blogging - offering useful tips that readers can apply to get more opportunities in their career.

I liked the composition. Everything is limpid from start to finish. The structure is clear, composed of four distinct parts - Twitter, Newsletter, LinkedIn, and Blogging - with always a logical progression. For instance, in the Blogging section, Catalin Pit describes what platforms we can use before explaining what we could write. He explains everything from the beginning, and it's pleasant to read even for more experimented people. Each chapter always has the same format: explanations and takeaway points that help the reading and understanding of the critical points.

I liked the writing style. The flow is consistent and easy to read. I finished this ebook in one go! Catalin Pit is honest with us from the beginning and writes about what has and has not worked for him. He's not here to share some magic tricks, but his experience, and that changes everything considering he now has more than +39.7K followers on Twitter.

I liked the content. Except for the newsletter section, all the content is directly applicable. Catalin Pit doesn't sell "get-rich-quick-scheme" but directions to build our online presence. It implies we need to work to have results. For instance, he doesn't teach us what to post but techniques on how to create more engaging content. Like a wise man, he shows us the way, but we have to find the answers!

The only thing that bothered me (because I had to find one) was the long list of images without explanations. I know it's ridiculous, but I learned nothing is self-sufficient, and it was necessary to explain each picture in school.

As you may have noticed, I recommend this ebook! I found valuable information that I will apply in the future. Catalin Pit did a tremendous job explaining what mindset we must have to grow our online presence and have more opportunities. It's an ebook for every beginner in tech interested in social media, newsletters, and blogging: a must-read!

If you're curious about this ebook, you can find it on Gumroad.

That's it for me, hope you learned something! If you have any questions, find me on Twitter and feel free to ask me anything 🙏

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